# of Days

Give your dog the daily gift of playing with their friends at Happy Paws Club. Our Daycare services are designed to give your dog a fun way to get the daily exercise, mental stimulation and socialization they need to maintain a healthy life. Rest assured that your dog’s safety is our top priority and we will do everything we can while they are in our care to make sure their stay is enjoyable.  We have three different packages available for your dogs stay:

  1. Bare Boneyard Fun - Your dog will be taken to he bare bone fun park to play and socialize with other dogs
  2. Exhausted Boneyard Fun - Your dog will be taken to he bare bone fun park to play and socialize with other dogs as well as have a private outing where a handler will take 2 dogs on a 5-10 minute jog.. your dog will come home exhausted and ready to sleep
  3. Insane Boneyard Fun - This package includes the Exhausted Bone Fun plus we will add an obstacle course where your dog will be one-on-one with a handler that will teach them how to use the obstacle.  Sometimes animals need stimulation that isn’t just physical tho come home exhausted.. they will have to use their brain

Choose your package below!